Based on an initial needs assessment briefing, AM&P proposes various options according to customers' objectives, marketing style, internal resources, budget and timeframe.

Dedicated account management
Account managers Dean Sr. or Dean Jr. guide customers through the vast array of options, advising them on which services best suit their needs. Particular attention is paid to the tiny details that are often overlooked by the inexperienced.

Once a strategy has been articulated and specific services agreed upon, each mailing is handled by our staff of database administrators, production specialists and machine operators.

Account managers are in constant communication with customers throughout the entire process. Updates are made on a continual basis, ensuring that each mailing is delivered on schedule.

Tailored to meet specific needs
AM&P has thrived in the direct mailing business by catering to customers of all sizes, from multinationals to SME’s, each with very specific needs.

One of our most important objectives is to meet those needs within the financial capabilities of each customer.

However, regardless of budget, our commitment to providing excellent service is identical for all customers, large or small, whether experienced or new to direct mail.

Frequently asked questions
Should we have our data de-duplicated? Can our mailing be machine enclosed? Should we laser-personalize letters or use inkjet? Do we have enough records to save postage money? What are the benefits if AM&P organizes my print?

The answers to these and other such questions are unique to each customer. By examining your situation, we'll develop insight into what method best suits your particular corporate branding. Our experience and personalized service help customers get the most from their mailing campaign.

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