Our extensive knowledge of postal services ensures selection of the most appropriate service for each particular mailing.

Various postage services are available according to pack weight, quantity, destination and delivery time required. The following are some of the main services we recommend according to different situations:

Letter Carrier Presort
The most popular and cost effective service for bulk mailers, Letter Carrier Presort can save up to 28% on the cost of postage. However, when calculating mail sort savings, customers must consider the net savings after allowing for mail sort production costs. Our advice regarding gross and net savings provides customers with a clear picture of total savings and production costs. Our comprehensive service assures customers get the best discount.

Publication Mail
This service is similar to Letter Carrier Presort, but is designed specifically for publishers of regular newsletters or magazines.

Packet Post
For packets with different weights, this service is ideal for gift fulfillment or variable multiple copy mailings. Special delivery can be added to this service.

For large consignments to local or countrywide destinations, we have a network of courier companies that offer same day or next day delivery anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Overseas mail
AM&P mails items anywhere in the world through Canada Post and overseas distributors using overseas consolidators to get the best discounts and fastest services out of Canada.

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